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Summer 2017   
Engaging with Millennials
Millennials are one of the most talked-about demographics in the marketing industry. With over $600 billion in annual spending power, they are a major force driving our economy. But marketing to millennials doesn’t have to be hard, just focused.

Recently, Connect360 collaborated with VolunteerMatch to identify four marketing strategies that nonprofits should keep in mind to get their cause in front of millennial donors and volunteers. We share what they are, why they work, and how you can get started. […] CONTINUE READING →

Donor Acquisition: Do Broadcast PSAs Work?
Fundraising is difficult and to do it successfully requires reaching potential donors anytime, anywhere with compelling content across all platforms and devices.

In today’s mobile and tech-driven world, should TV and radio PSA distributions be considered when planning donation-focused campaigns? Connect360 conducted an analysis of broadcast PSA campaigns with both donate and general awareness versions to help shed light on this important question. Learn what our analysis revealed, as well as key guidelines for creating broadcast PSA campaigns that will help generate donations while still meeting the standards of station gatekeepers […] CONTINUE READING →

Digital Marketing in 2017: What’s Leading the Charge?
According to eMarketer, 2017 is predicted to mark a major milestone for digital advertising – for the first time, digital will surpass television advertising! With data-streaming capabilities at our fingertips at any time on multiples devices, it should be no surprise that video is shaping the world of marketing. Video content is the core asset for any digital marketing campaign. Our latest infographic, “Digital Marketing Hotspots,” offers compelling data to support this video marketing evolution. […] CONTINUE READING →
The Genius of Play™
Connect360 is proud to have the opportunity to partner with The Genius of Play™, a national movement to raise awareness of play’s vital role in child development, spearheaded by The Toy Association™. Their latest national public service announcement campaign inspires today’s busy parents and caretakers to use the power of play to help raise a happier, healthier, and more productive next generation. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children spend at least 60 minutes daily in unstructured and fun physical activities. Unfortunately, the actual time children spend playing continues to decrease, due to factors such as crowded schedules, declining recess in schools and increasing screen time. This English and Spanish-language PSA campaign encourages families to visit ( in Spanish) to discover the information and resources needed to make play an important part of every child’s life.