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Summer 2016   
PSAs & THE 2016 ELECTIONS: Come out swinging or hide until it’s over?
Some of our nonprofit clients planning late summer or early fall campaigns are worried about the potential impact the elections may have on their campaign, and are asking if they should consider holding the release until after the polls have closed. To learn what’s best, we took the question to PSA directors. While a few […] CONTINUE READING →
Hispanic Millennials=Specialized Marketing Strategies
When marketers and communications professionals are in the early planning stages of a Hispanic marketing campaign, they frequently place Hispanic Millennials in the same bucket as other generations within the Hispanic community. It’s natural to focus on both Hispanics and millennials as one targeted audience group, but to truly have an effective Hispanic marketing campaign, […] CONTINUE READING →
PSAs: Making Earned Media and Paid Media Work Together
Traditional PR for nonprofits focuses on PSAs and earned media, while ignoring the benefits of paid advertising. In reality, both forms of marketing, when used properly, complement one another and can have a tremendous, positive impact on a nonprofit’s cause, and the communities it serves. […] CONTINUE READING →
Connect360 PSA Partners
Connect360 Multimedia is proud to partner with, and distribute the Public Service Announcements for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling®, Susan G. Komen, U.S. Air Force, Share Our Strength-No Kid Hungry, Ducks Unlimited, Alcoholics Anonymous, Easter Seals, San Diego Zoo Global, The Prudential Community Spirit Awards, Heifer International and the Better Business Bureau.

To view these PSAs and to learn more, click PSAConnect.

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