Today is the day we have been preparing for all summer. Today we announced to the world that Connect360 is open for business. Our new website went live. We moved into our new offices. Our new project reporting system is ready and we can access our new cloud-based computer systems on our new computers.

Though this is all new and exciting, today is also the continuation of something old and familiar, the combined 122 years we have collectively worked together (as a CPA, I just couldn’t resist adding it up).

In starting Connect360 , we set some important goals for ourselves. First, we will always operate in a way that allows us to be proud of what we do. Second, we will operate as a client-centered company, understanding that the reason we are here is to help our clients succeed. Third, we will be a socially responsible company that cares about its community and the world it lives in. Fourth, Connect360 will operate as a financially prudent company, to generate sufficient profits, to grow, invest in our ability to do things better, and treat our suppliers fairly (for they are valued partners in what we do). And fifth, we will always strive to create opportunities for all of us to learn, grow, and have some fun together.

Labor Day has always held a special meaning for me. Though it signals the end of summer (sigh!), it also points to a new beginning, filled with hope and excitement (just like the first day of school). Therefore, before we get all caught-up in the busyness of business*, let me suggest that we stop for a moment to truly appreciate what a special day today is.

Then, let’s get to work … and do some great things together.

Welcome back … to our new beginning.

P.S. Thank you to all the people who worked so hard this summer to make this day possible.

*What a difference a “y” can make.