Every four years, countries all over the world come together for one shared passion– the World Cup. These days, thanks to social media, soccer fans feel more connected than ever. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, fans can follow their favorite teams, share their favorite moments, get instant results and celebrate all the joy that comes with World Cup action.

As a month-long event, most matches are scheduled during the work day. So short from playing hooky, how does a fan keep up? Keep calm: there’s an app for that. Special World Cup apps offer everything a well-connected soccer fan could ask for including exclusive coverage, real-time updates, live commentary and more.

In addition to apps, for the first time ever, all 64 matches will be streamed live online. Never one to sit back, even Google has fútbol fever: Its homepage doodle celebrates the World Cup and with a quick click of the mouse, one has access to up-to-the-minute game stats. Now you can experience the World Cup wherever you might be, without ever missing a goal.

Similar to the Super Bowl, commercials play a huge role in the World Cup fun. And it’s not just on TV; advertisers are engaging viewers and driving the excitement through digital and social media. There’s the Nike ad, “The Last Game,” an animated movie-like feature that invites viewers to visit the website to find out how the story ends. There’s the McDonald’s hashtag campaign, “#FryFutbol,” which has already made history as Twitter’s first globally promoted trend. There’s also the Beats by Dre ad, “The Game Before The Game,” which has generated a lot of buzz due to its lineup of soccer stars and other A-listers. The YouTube video alone has over 10 million views!

With only twelve matches played, the World Cup has already had its share of major upsets, nail biting penalty shots, near perfect goals, and the obligatory controversial calls by the refs. Whether they’re cheering for the favorites or the underdogs, fans have plenty to say and even more to share. Nowhere is that more apparent than online. Even if soccer isn’t really your thing, one can’t help but to join the conversation and get wrapped up in the World Cup frenzy.

As for me, I have the opportunity to visit Brazil in a few days and I simply can’t wait to sit in a World Cup stadium and cheer my team on. Win or lose, it’s an experience I’m sure I won’t soon forget. Here’s hoping I get to scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!