A Case Study

Problem: A health-related nonprofit with important disease prevention information needed to target the Hispanic community and drive Spanish-speaking audiences to their website.

Solution: Connect360 organized an integrated Hispanic marketing campaign featuring broadcast and Internet distribution tactics to create wide-ranging audience awareness. As part of the full-scale Hispanic media campaign, Connect360 developed a culturally relevant “En Español” section on the organization’s website, which functioned as the destination page for all promotional efforts. National distribution of Spanish-language television and radio PSAs, which ran in top Hispanic markets, was paired with a Spanish-language radio media tour. Online distribution included placements on Pandora’s Spanish Interactive Radio platforms, both desktop and mobile, and an infographic was distributed to the Spanish-language sections of hundreds of local media websites.

Results: The Spanish-language media overwhelmingly supported the campaign, having noted that they are underserved with culturally-oriented messages. The campaign generated over 70 million audience impressions, with over 60 million coming from broadcast and 10 million online.

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