Television and radio are not the only platforms available for distributing your PSA.  Your organization’s message can be spread in numerous platforms, including Internet radio.  But think about anywhere else that you might be exposed to advertising:  billboards, ATMs, shopping malls, bus shelters.  The list goes on.

Those types of ad placements are considered “Out of Home” (OOH) placements.  When harnessed to your advantage, they can be a cost effective and successful way to spread your organization’s message.

Much like television and radio air time, OOH space is donated to nonprofits.  PSAs are used to fill unsold space.  Thus, while organizations carry the cost of their creative, as well as for posting, shipping and printing their PSA (as they would, the production and distribution costs of a television or radio PSA); nonprofits receive for free a placement that would come at a premium to for-profit companies and brands.

Generally, the companies that own OOH space will contract with advertisers in 30 day intervals.  Thus, an OOH placement for a PSA will last a minimum of 30 days.  Until a paying advertiser steps forward to place their ad in an OOH space, a PSA can remain posted in the OOH space for an extended duration – that could be months or even years!

Transit presents a phenomenal opportunity for OOH placements.  Since it is a way to reach consumers as they travel with public transportation systems, it provides a means for targeting demographics such as: residents of major metropolitan areas, commuters, millennials; yet, a broad range of consumers will be exposed to your message.

DC Bus

Transit advertising offers both interior and exterior ad options.  Some options for PSA placements in transit include:

Bus Exteriors

Bus Benches

Bus Shelters

Digital Bus Stops

Double Decker Buses

Bus Interiors

On Bus Digital

Station Domination


Subway Cars

Commuter Rails


In some instances, OOH placements for your PSA may even have greater impact than a television or radio PSA.  With transit placements, for instance, you have a captive audience.  A consumer may ride in the train car with your PSA for an hour at a time; and they likely ride the train regularly, which would give them repeat exposure to your message.

Likewise, while a consumer may be exposed to a television or radio PSA once or twice per day, the exposure will last only for :15 or :30 seconds; whereas, they could be exposed to your OOH placement for an unlimited amount of time.

Simply put:  your message is always there.

Connect360’s Campaign Specialists can help you pitch your PSA to the transit system in each of your targeted cities or metropolitan areas.  If the creative components of your PSA are approved by the transit system, we will arrange to size, print, ship and post your campaign in the space they have available.

Contact us to learn more about Out-of-Home placement opportunities for your organization’s PSA.