Connect360 offers many services to enable our clients to reach their target audiences.

In our recent blog posts, we have discussed traditional television and radio placements for PSAs, out of home placements, and Precise Audience Targeting via the internet.

But what options are available for when you are trying to spread your message to a predominantly mobile audience?

Mobile is becoming an increasingly important consideration in any nonprofit marketing strategy.  But it is especially so if your organization is attempting to reach a millennial audience, and in particular, multicultural millennials.

A recent article in Advertising Age indicated that, “[a]mong Hispanic millennials, 42% access the internet only through their mobile devices, according to research from analytics firm ComScore. That’s the case for 25% of African-Americans in this age group. For the total population, it’s just 10%.”

Since it is harder to reach an audience with targeted advertisements on mobile devices, social media sites and internet radio become critical buys for organizations that wish to capture the attention of a multicultural millennial audience on their mobile devices.

Twitter and Facebook are among the most popular social media platforms for this audience, and Facebook, in particular, has been highly successful in terms of getting multicultural engagement.  About a year and a half ago, Facebook began collecting information for its Hispanic Affinity Group.  Individuals who are not necessary Hispanic, but have posted in Spanish or “liked” content of interest to a Hispanic audience, are also included in this group.  As part of its growing multicultural strategy, Facebook is now offering similar targeting for Asian-American and African-American audiences.

Internet radio is also a crucial consideration when targeting this audience, and Pandora, in particular, reaches 6 out of every 10 mobile millennials on their smartphones each month.  Internet radio platforms are a phenomenal resource for targeting, because music “sits at the intersection of behavior and culture.”  This enables you to reach beyond an audience of individuals who meet a specific ethnic qualifier; you are also reaching an audience with an interest and awareness in content directed at that audience.

Designing a targeted strategy for spreading your organization’s message means building a personalized approach.  Connect360 can help you develop a strategy that will help you reach your ideal audience.

To learn more about how Connect360 can help you reach your target audience, via mobile or other channels, please contact us.