Yesterday marked the release of Giving USA 2015, the annual report on philanthropy for the year 2014.  The report is released by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and is considered a comprehensive source with respect to charitable giving in the US.

The report indicates that giving is up beyond pre-recession levels.  2014 showed an increase in charitable giving of 5.4% to a record of $358 billion, exceeding inflation-adjusted giving from the year 2007, and demonstrating a recovery far quicker than experts had anticipated.

In 2014, giving was up across the board.  The only sector that saw a decline in giving was international aid, though it is likely due to the fact that there were no major international disasters during 2014.

Approximately 72% of charitable donations in 2014 came from individuals, accounting for $258.5 billion in giving.  Individual donors are also giving at much earlier points in their lives.

Sectors such as education, the environment, public-society benefit and health saw increases in giving of 3-5%.

What does this mean for your nonprofit organization?

It means that it is time to raise awareness for your cause!

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