Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) and Radio Media Tours (RMTs) are an opportunity for organizations to select a qualified spokesperson to spread a particular message on behalf of their organization.

These types of messages tend to be informational in nature.

In a SMT, your spokesperson will be in a studio, with a camera, and will be interviewed via satellite by news anchors for a segment to be used in local newscasts.  RMTs are similar; but rather than being filmed in a studio, the spokesperson will conduct interviews over the phone at a location of their convenience, such as a home or office.

Successful SMTs and RMTs must always meet these three requirements:

1.  Your SMT or RMT must relate to a compelling news story.  Topics that television and radio stations find most compelling relate to health, safety, consumer tips, and finance, as well as topics of seasonal relevance, such as “awareness months” like Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

2.  Your SMT or RMT should feature a compelling spokesperson.  An ideal spokesperson is one with verified credentials and demonstrated expertise on the topic.  For instance, if your topic is “How Teens Can Cope with Attention Deficit Disorder,” a renowned adolescent psychiatrist with research experience and publications on that topic would be an ideal spokesperson.

3.  Your SMT or RMT must be pitched with sufficient lead time.  Ordinarily, your topic should be proposed to television and radio stations 6 weeks in advance of the tour.

Connect360 has extensive experience in designing Satellite Media Tours and Radio Media Tours for organizations.  We can help you determine if your topic will work for a tour.  We can also pitch, produce and report the results.

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