It’s no surprise that social media continues to be one of the top tools for digital marketing. Millions of users log onto social media networks every day and share information that can be invaluable to marketers. But are you truly taking advantage of every marketing opportunity social media platforms have to offer?

Social media advertising has become a major player in online marketing and has come a long way since Facebook introduced their first advertising options in 2005. Now virtually every social network has their own advertising platform that can target users through highly customizable ad options. For marketers who are not yet utilizing social media networks to advertise, now is the time to start.

While a majority of digital ad campaigns devote dollars to larger scale online opportunities, social media advertising sometimes gets overlooked as an effective option. Many marketers just don’t realize the valuable opportunities that social networks provide. Simply put: If your organization is on social media, you have the capability to advertise to millions of users on some of the most widely used platforms online today.

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