When marketers and communications professionals are in the early planning stages of a Hispanic marketing campaign, they frequently place Hispanic Millennials in the same bucket as other generations within the Hispanic community. It’s natural to focus on both Hispanics and millennials as one targeted audience group, but to truly have an effective Hispanic marketing campaign, it’s more important than ever to first take the time to understand Hispanic Millennials; their behavior and interests, how they consume their content and how to engage them in conversation before you can effectively promote a campaign message.

Today, Hispanic Millennials are not only young, but also highly influential and digitally savvy. With that type of sway, coupled with the fact that the U.S. Hispanic market has over a trillion in spending power, Hispanic millennials require a unique blend of strategies tailored to their needs and culture so that your campaign message resonates and produces quantifiable results for your bottom line.

Connect360’s latest feature article, “The New Power Consumer,” provides tips and advice on how to strategically target Hispanic Millennials so that your marketing campaign delivers a high level of return on your investment. The days of “one size fits all” marketing to the general Hispanic community are long gone. Learn more about Hispanic Millennials and how to effectively target your campaign message to this growing and important audience group by checking out our latest release.