I often hear from nonprofits that they have NO marketing budget.   Are these nonprofits alone or are there others in the same boat?

Turns out that depending on your nonprofit marketing size, minimal or no budget may just be the norm.

Below is a chart of the “Annual Budget for External Communications Expenses in Nonprofits” for 2017. This information was provided by the Nonprofit Marketing Guide and provides some interesting answers.

Using the chart is easy, for example if your organization generated $10-$20 million in revenue and has “no communication budget, but find money when needed,” 20% of similar sized nonprofits fall into that same category.  As you look at each revenue group, you will see that many nonprofits below $20 million in revenue are operating with a $5,000 or less communications budget.

We all know marketing is an investment not an expense. It is hard to operate without one but it appears as though a lot of you are! As 2019 planning approaches, see if you can rally to the next level on this chart. If you can’t, just know you are not alone.



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