While the “Giving Season” seems a long way off, it’s really not.  Donation-related searches start going up as early as September.    To make sure your organization is ready to have donors give you the once-over, here’s a short checklist of things to consider.

  1. Be sure your home page has photos or visuals of how donations are used. It helps donors embrace the mission and visualize the good their dollars will do.
  2. Use video to tell your organization’s compelling story. Online videos are highly influential in helping donors decide if it’s an organization they want to support.
  3. Your website should be mobile-ready.  With so many consumers using their mobile devices for research and making donations, your website should be formatted for mobile devices and have an easy mobile payment method.
  4. Check that your charity rating is up to date and visible on your website. The charity rating is often a key consideration for donors evaluating the best organizations to support.
  5. Have a strong online presence.  An online presence helps potential donors get more comfortable with who you are and what you stand for.

For more information please contact Annette Minkalis, aminkalis@c360m.com, 212-624-9182.