Think about what motivates you to engage with causes, brands and services.  Now picture what motivates your mom, dad, grandparent, friend, brother or sister.  Engagement is personal and a vital element to achieve your business goals.

Here are a few tips to effectively engage with your audiences.

Less is More – We are all time-starved Americans living in a fast-paced world and want everything in an instant. If you can’t read, review or watch something in 30 seconds or less then chances are you’ll move onto the next task.  In order to capture attention, content needs to be short, entertaining, memorable, and show your personality.  Most importantly it must have a clear call to action.  Less is more also applies to your website.  Does it immediately capture your audience’s attention?  Are the images inspiring?  Are your social channels and donation page easy to find?  Is it mobile-friendly?  These factors will influence whether your audience stays engaged or not.

If You Share it, They Will Engage – You don’t need GPS to find your audience. A blend of marketing tactics that are used frequently by your ideal audience is the best recipe for success.  According to Nielsen, Americans are spending over 11 hours a day interacting with content on various platforms.  Smartphones are the most frequently used devices followed by wearables, personal assistant devices (Amazon Echo), smart TVs, desktops and laptops. Striking the right balance among all the ways audiences consume information will be more impactful.

Drill Down to Influence Audiences – Going broad serves a purpose but when trying to reach moms, pet lovers, college graduates, environmentalists, travelers, sports enthusiasts or Hispanics, it’s about drilling down to identify the right audiences for engaging your cause. Be open minded to mix things up and try different tactics to strengthen personalized engagement and optimize success.  Consider platforms like Hulu or WebMD, or tactics such as Click-To-Text Fundraising, In-App Mobile, and Video Pre-Roll to reach specific genders, age groups, income levels, ethnicities and more.

Take Them to the Finish Line – At the end of the day what do you want your audience to do? Sign up for your newsletter, donate, volunteer?  This is when everything needs to align.  The content must have a clear call to action while the tactics need to reach the right target audience at the ideal time.  Clickable display/programmatic ads, video pre-roll, and infographics drive qualified users to your website, donation page, social media channels or other call to action.  Make it easy for them to complete the desired action.

Measuring Engagement – Results data is key to measuring your engagement ROI. Video streams, clicks on video, click-thru-rate (CTR), completed views, average completion rates, views by device, reactions, shares, and post viewer engagement provides a clear picture how you reached your goals and what drove the most success.  Using these metrics will showcase the effectiveness of content and identify areas in which even more engagement can be generated.

If you are interested in learning more about engagement success, feel free to contact me at or 650-579-7811.