In an era of heavy spending on internet advertising, a more old fashioned medium is picking up speed – out of home ads are expected to hit $38 billion worldwide, up 3% from the previous year.  OOH ads are effective engagement drivers – a recent Nielsen/Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) survey showed almost half (46%) of the survey’s participants said they conducted an online search as a result of an OOH ad.

This is great news for nonprofits as the OOH industry provides free space for nonprofits with public service campaigns. Donated placements can include billboards, malls, transit postings, bus shelters, street furniture and many other options. According to OAAA, over $500 million in OOH placements are donated each year to support nonprofit causes and messages.

While these are great opportunities the key to engagement is the creative.  It’s important to keep the text short! With pedestrians and cars whizzing by the information needs to be absorbed in 1-2 seconds. Text should be no more than eight words and augment the story telling by using a strong image.

OOH has even evolved to include physician offices, movie theaters, taxi tops, gas pumps and even barber shops. While these types of placements aren’t usually donated, organizations with public service messages can often secure a reduced rate reserved only for nonprofits.

Based on all this, out of home needs to be on your radar whether for broad national awareness or to  target specific demographics,  geographies or ethnicities.

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