I grew up in a divided house.  My siblings attended the University of Michigan while I went to Ohio State.  You can only imagine the tension, excitement, and emotions that filled our family room at game time.

For generations sports have played a dominate role in our culture.  You might even say that the loyal fan-goers’ connection to their favorite team is part of their identity.  Sports fans are passionate, emotional and dedicated.  They stand in cold weather for hours, paint their faces, wear branded team gear, sit in the hot sun and obsess over scores. 

Due to this level of commitment, fans always want to be “in the know” and are active online, sometimes obsessively checking the latest sports news.  This creates a perfect situation for marketers to reach this highly engaged audience. 

When sports fans look for up-to-date information, they log onto the #1 digital sports property, ESPN.   With nearly 86 million monthly unique visitors and 19 million unique monthly app visitors, ESPN Digital has the power to disseminate your campaign messages to reach your target audiences on a local and national level. 

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And by the way, Go Bucks!