Preparing your marketing strategy for the year ahead is more exciting than ever.  There are many more opportunities to precisely reach your audiences and goals in a meaningful, compelling way. 

Broadcast is still the dominant method of information consumption but there is competition to keep in mind.  New platforms such as Apple+ and Disney+ have expanded the way we watch TV.  Filtering through all the various broadcast options from network TV to OTT programming can be overwhelming.  Fully understanding your target audiences and desired outcomes will help uncover the best plan for your organization.

Don’t forget about audio opportunities.  Smart technology is increasing our audio interaction.  Not only is audio less expensive to produce, it delivers amazing results to an attentive audience.  Podcasts and Internet Radio platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio provides effective demo targeting to engage with the public.

Integrating media distribution vehicles into your plans is vital to reach a diverse audience.  Broadcast, digital, print, and out of home networks work in different ways.  Various interaction with each audience profile will achieve holistic success.

For 2020 integrated media placement recommendations, please contact Julie Ellman at or 650.579.7811.