As we gear up for the Giving Season and of course Giving Tuesday on December 1, 2020, it will be essential for organizations to make sure they are targeting the most relevant viewers with their campaign messages to maximize quality website traffic.

More site traffic generally translates into more donations. The most successful fundraising campaigns utilize precise audience targeting technology within their digital marketing strategies. This will be especially important now as we gear up for the giving season.

To help you strategize, here are a few effective donor acquisition and online fundraising tactics to boost campaign performance:

  • Mobile App Marketing: utilizes opt-in, first-party data to target consumers who choose to engage with a brand in exchange for digital content relevant to their app
  • Targeted Video Pre-Roll: reaches consumers at the very moment that they’re watching video content related to a campaign message. Enables your organization to reach your intended target audience on relevant video content across premium websites
  • Customized Display Ads: blends search intent technology, site retargeting and behavioral targeting, allowing you to deliver your message to your target audience when they’re engaged online
  • Premium Digital Platforms: connects your campaign to your target audience directly on leading streaming platforms, such as Hulu, ESPN Digital, Sling TV and CBS Interactive

For more information on how you can benefit from a digital marketing strategy during the upcoming giving season, please contact us here: