A large nonprofit financial counseling and education organization, launched year-long, multi-faceted public service announcement campaigns that featured messages focusing on reducing and eliminating debt, how to increase personal savings, mortgage and foreclosure assistance, with the goal of helping consumers learn how to gain access to trustworthy financial information, protect their homes and engage with certified financial counselors on how to obtain the right type of financial advice.

Campaign Tactics

Connect360 Multimedia used a multi-pronged approach to create wide-ranging awareness for the
campaign. The English and Spanish-language TV and radio PSAs were distributed digitally to broadcast stations and cable systems across the country. These wide-ranging distributions were coupled with strategic hardcopy distributions focusing on outlets that prefer this method of delivery. The broadcast distributions were paired with extensive Internet PSA marketing tactics which included Targeted Website Outreach, radio PSA streaming and Connect360 custom design banner placement on Pandora Internet radio, campaign awareness banner placement across Yahoo!’s 27 websites and two message-themed Twitter Parties.


In total, the various broadcast PSA distributions garnered over 240,000 airings, 446 million impressions and $11 million in donated media values. Airings were obtained throughout top mainstream and Hispanic media markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and others across the country.The Internet PSA campaigns reached more than 97 million online viewers, with over one million streams of both the online TV and radio PSAs. Both Twitter Parties trended across Twitter during the hour long events and engaged with more than 850 live contributors with over 6,500 Tweets recorded. Featured online placements included AOL, Family, CNN, Women’s, Yahoo!, Yahoo! and on Pandora’s desktop and mobile platforms.