A national pharmaceutical company, in partnership with three national prostate cancer nonprofit organizations, launched a national campaign designed to help the millions of men and families impacted by prostate cancer. The campaign was developed to inform them about different options for dealing with prostate cancer so that men with low-risk disease can avoid the possible side-effects of potentially unnecessary treatment while those with more aggressive cancer can receive life-saving treatment. As part of the campaign, television and radio PSAs were produced using a baseball theme featuring Joe Torre, a former Major League Baseball player, manager and “Hall of Fame” member. As a prostate cancer survivor, Joe speaks first-hand in the PSAs about how a single decision can change the lives of those with prostate cancer and encourages men to work with their doctor to determine what type of approach is right for them. The PSAs also encourage audiences to visit a special educational website developed for this campaign.

Campaign Tactics

Connect360 Multimedia used a multi-pronged approach to create wide-ranging visibility and awareness for the campaign. Broadcast distributions of the PSAs were sent digitally to 2,000 TV stations and 9,400 radio stations blanketing outlets across the country. This was supplemented by a targeted hardcopy distribution to 200 TV and 100 radio stations with emphasis on stations that prefer hardcopy delivery and air PSAs regularly. Following this initial distribution, the PSAs were sent out again electronically to 800 TV and 2,500 radio stations nationwide over the course of the campaign for sustained exposure and results. The PSAs were also placed on Connect360’s PSA Connect digital platform. This helped to showcase the campaign’s video and audio assets and enabled stations to download broadcast-quality PSAs for their use. Because stations have varying preferences for the delivery of PSAs, this comprehensive distribution strategy was developed in order to offer stations access to the PSAs via multiple platforms and maximize opportunities for results. Connect360 also offered strategic counsel on the PSA campaign’s messages and website. Because this campaign featured corporate involvement, Connect360 used its keen knowledge of public service guidelines and its experience with corporate-sponsored campaigns to help craft the PSA’s creative and distribution messages so that these would be acceptable for PSA Directors and other gatekeepers at stations.

The broadcast TV and radio distributions were enhanced through a limited, yet highly targeted Internet marketing campaign that blended search intent technology, site retargeting and behavioral targeting, in tandem with a customized national social media engagement effort. Specific demographical profiles were established based on key campaign message points. Viewers online were then targeted based on their search criteria and frequent online behaviors – the websites they view, the products they research and how close they come to making a purchase. Identified relevant viewers were then fed a customized campaign awareness banner that linked directly to the campaign website for further information. The social media engagement campaign included a targeted blogger relations effort to women’s and men’s interest blogs, as well as sports and health related blogs. Each blogger was approached for campaign support through a blog post, Twitter mention and/or Facebook feature. The social media effort was launched during fall season as this timed nicely with the World Series to leverage Joe Torre’s involvement, which maximized pitch efforts to secure features. The video PSA was also featured during pitch efforts to encourage views and shares.


The broadcast TV PSA distribution resulted in over 40,000 airings, 653 million audience impressions and $16 million in donated media values. National coverage was garnered on CNN Airport Network, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and the Yankees Entertainment and Sports (YES) Network. Airings were also obtained in all of the top 30 media markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, DC, Atlanta and Houston, with prominent airplay on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW affiliates across the country. Over 60% of the TV PSA airings occurred in key day parts/viewing timeframes including early morning, daytime, early fringe and primetime. The radio PSA obtained over 16,000 airings, 51 million impressions and $900,000 in donated media values with heavy airplay throughout the top 30 media markets. Based on Connect360’s strategic counsel and its distribution and marketing to stations, the broadcast PSA results exceeded the metrics for this campaign by 42,000 airings and over 589 million audience impressions.

The Internet campaign delivered over 2.2 million audience impressions with more than 3,100 direct clicks to the campaign website. The social media engagement secured 19 placements, including blogs, Twitter and Facebook features. The PSA video saw a 253% increase in YouTube views during Connect360’s Internet marketing campaign efforts.