Youth Outreach


The United States’ largest youth recognition program based solely on volunteer service launched an integrated awareness campaign. Each year, the program honors thousands of students from across the country for their community service activities, and selects 102 students — one middle level and one high school student from each state and the District of Columbia — as the top youth volunteers in their state. Through a public service announcement campaign; the campaign aimed to highlight the contributions that young volunteers make in their communities and inform students and parents across the country about this unique program and the opportunity it provides for deserving volunteers to be recognized. The campaign strived to raise public awareness of the fact that young people can, and do, play an important role in confronting the challenges facing our communities and invited middle school and high school students to apply for the awards if applicable.

Campaign Tactics

Connect360 MultiMedia used a multi-pronged approach to create wide-ranging awareness for the
campaign. Hard-copy distribution to 250 broadcast TV stations, 500 radio stations and a national radio E-distribution were combined with an extensive Internet campaign that included social media promotion, targeted website outreach and demographic targeting utilizing an exclusive partnership C360 has with Yahoo! Connect360 promoted custom designed campaign awareness banners that linked directly to the campaign website. Specific targeted websites that had an audience profile in line with the messaging of the campaign were actively pitched for campaign support through banner placements and/or editorial features.


The broadcast TV PSA distribution resulted in 6,891 airings, over 46 million audience impressions and
$1.3 million in media values. The radio PSA garnered 10,916 airings with 31 million audience impressions and more than $600,000 in media values. Connect360 secured featured coverage in top media markets with prominent play on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW affiliates across the country, and usage in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco and Boston. The Internet distribution campaign reached a combined 65 million online viewers and more than 360
featured online placements were secured. The video PSA was selected and viewed over 5,300 times. Featured online placements included, Families Online,, Earnest, La Daily, and Yahoo!