Katarina Sunthorn utilizes her strong experience in the public service advertising, marketing and communications industries to help garner media visibility and exposure for Connect360’s public service announcement (PSA) distributions. As Campaign Specialist, Katarina works hand-in-hand with clients to strategically plan and implement the various aspects of a PSA campaign. Her work includes providing client counsel to maximize success, the execution of campaign objectives and tactics, creation of distribution materials, formulation of station targets, and implementation of PSA timelines and logistics.

Katarina has delivered millions in nationwide PSA airplay through the management of tracking and reporting for the many nonprofit clients that she has served. These include major nonprofit and government organizations including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United Service Organization (USO), U.S. Olympic Committee, Lupus Foundation of America, Dave Thomas Foundation and many others.

Katarina is a graduate of Quinnipiac University with a major in Public Relations and currently lives in her home state of Connecticut. She has varying passions including eating, music and making people laugh. Her colorful interests also include the New England Patriots and the Bruins, #myfriendspets, her friends and Connect360 team mates.