2014 Public Service Announcement (PSA) Airings Analysis

If it’s time for the Super Bowl, the Grammys and the Oscars, then it’s also time for … wait for it, wait for it … Connect360’s annual analysis of PSA airings.   Perhaps not as star-studded an occasion, but each year around this time we analyze the airings data from the previous year to learn when and where PSAs air.

I’ve personally conducted these analyses for the past seven or eight years, fueled by frustration when I’d hear naysayers say that PSAs only air in early morning hours or on smaller stations.  I knew it wasn’t true and each year the analysis has proved me right — which is again the case this year.  In looking at over 1.4 million airings that were reported to us in 2014, the majority of these were in “waking” dayparts, and on better market stations.

Overall, from one year to the next, though percentages may shift up or down a few points, it’s not usually by such significant numbers as to say a major shift has occurred.  This means that, year after year, we continue to see strong PSA airings providing amazing exposure for nonprofits.

What were this past year’s highlights?  I’d say it’s the good percentage of airings in early fringe and prime time (and drive-time for radio) along with the percentage of airings in the top 50 markets.  These airings are provided by television and radio stations at no cost to nonprofits.  Try buying ad time in those dayparts and markets and you’ll see what a great return PSAs deliver.

For the full story and to view our interactive infographic of the 2014 PSA Analysis, please click here.

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