Connect360 recently hosted a “Couch Convo” Zoom event where a dozen nonprofits gathered on our “virtual sofa” for informal conversation and to hear how other organizations have been managing during these unprecedented times.    

As a recap, here are some of the ideas nonprofits have shared as ways to generate awareness, expand a  community base or bring in much-needed funds during the pandemic:  

  • Conduct Zoom webinars on topics important to your community and promote via social media to reach new audiences
  • Partner with organizations with similar communities to expand your base
  • Leverage media partnerships as right now they have the space to help support and promote your cause
  • With everyone’s mind cluttered, make it easy for donors by simplifying what you want people to do when it comes to giving
  • Give your corporate partners ideas on how they can put to use for you any money available from their own cancelled travel, events or other planned activities 

Connect360 plans to host additional Zoom “Couch Conversations” to foster idea sharing among nonprofits.   Our next event is scheduled for August 5thClick here to register and be sure to tell us if there is a topic you’d like to put forward to those attending.