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In late January, I had the opportunity to be a panelist at one of Connect360’s roundtable events in Los Angeles, California. The event invited area nonprofit organizations to partake in an informal panel discussion, Q&A, and brainstorm session on how nonprofit organizations can use integrated marketing and media strategies to engage with their audiences and elevate their causes.

In addition to myself, the panelists included the Executive Director of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation and an Account Executive at Pandora. During the event we addressed effective marketing strategies, how to create compelling content, how to harness the power of traditional media tools such as public service announcements, and how to utilize popular and growing digital platforms to engage audiences and optimize success for nonprofits.

Some of the major questions and comments related to public service announcements (PSAs) that came up throughout our discussion were, “Do PSAs only air during early morning/ late hours?” or “PSAs don’t air in top markets.” Since I work hand and hand with stations and PSAs on a daily basis I immediately thought to myself, not true at all! However in this day in age, people want to see and hear the facts. Lucky for them, Connect360 conducts an annual analysis of PSA airings where we analyze the airings data from the previous year to learn when and where PSAs air.

After analyzing more than 1.7 million broadcast PSA airings, resulting in nearly 13 billion impressions and $440 million in donated media in 2015, we have seen that PSAs are continuing to enjoy significant success and that the vast majority of airings occur during waking hours and within the top media markets.

Below are a few highlights from our 2015 PSA Analysis:

  • 71% of television PSA airings and 60% of radio PSA airings occurred during waking dayparts.
  • 44% of television PSA airings occurred in the top 100 media markets
  • 68% of radio PSA airings occurred in the top 100 media markets

Based on our annual analysis of PSA usage, we continue to report strong PSA airings resulting in amazing exposure for nonprofits and dispelling a common misconception that PSAs air only in the overnight hours when most are sleeping.

To view our interactive infographic of the 2015 PSA Analysis, please click here.

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