Case Study: Cancer Research Foundation Earns Over $75 million in Donated PSA Placements


  • 158,000+ TV and radio airings
  • 1,040+ print placements
  • Over $75 million in donated media across two broadcast and print PSA campaigns that have been tracked throughout the past three years
  • 40% of the airings were the donate version call to action PSA (Connect360 recommended two versions – donate versions and general awareness spots)
  • National network coverage on ABC, ESPN2, Fox News and Fox Business as well as in the top 10 media markets
  • Over 70% of the TV PSA airings occurred during the non-overnight hours, dispelling a common myth that PSAs air mostly during the wee hours of the night
  • Radio airings in all of the top 10 media markets including top news stations such as WINS-AM in NY and WTOP-FM in DC as well as iHeart radio stations across the country
  • National print placements in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, Us Weekly, Better Homes and Gardens, USA Today, Time and more


Summary: 100% of direct donations to the V Foundation funds game-changing research and all-star scientists to accelerate Victory Over Cancer® and save lives. They turned to Connect360 to find placements for an ambitious television, radio, and print campaign that encouraged viewers, listeners, and readers nationwide to visit the campaign website and support cancer research.


Increased Awareness Drives Clicks and Donations

Those who are aware of the V Foundation have a strong affinity for the brand and its commitment to fund the best of the best scientists to accelerate Victory Over Cancer®.” The challenge is the overall need to increase brand awareness.


The V Foundation had a compelling group of broadcast PSAs featuring legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and other V Foundation ambassadors, as well as a series of print ads featuring celebrities (including board members like Russell Wilson and Ciara) and scientists funded by the V, now all they needed was a way to share them.


They chose Connect360 to join their team. We went on offense, with a comprehensive distribution and outreach plan that brought the PSAs to stations nationwide including national/regional networks and top media markets, as well as leading print publications. Before long, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, and Time were running the print PSA. The broadcast PSAs appeared on ABC network, ESPN2, Fox Business, and Fox News as well as iHeart radio stations across the country.  The TV PSAs also received extensive support from the local ABC station in New York (the #1 media market in the country), as well as ABC stations and other local affiliates in major cities.


Audiences were taking notice. Viewers mentioned seeing the spot-on college basketball games and national news programs. And awareness was just the beginning. The increased brand awareness played a role in the V Foundation’s paid digital media campaign generating a 6 to 1 ROI.


Key Takeaways:

  • Increased awareness through donated media can help drive stronger paid media ROI
  • Having the right people on your team can be a real game-changer
  • Intentional, targeted outreach + game-changing creative and storytelling leads to exceptional results


Learn how we can do this for your nonprofit.

About V Foundation: 

The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded in 1993 by ESPN and the late Jim Valvano, legendary North Carolina State University basketball coach and ESPN commentator and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer. The V Foundation has funded over $353 million in game-changing cancer research grants nationwide through a competitive process strictly supervised by a world-class Scientific Advisory Committee. Because the V Foundation has an endowment to cover administrative expenses, 100% of direct donations is awarded to cancer research and programs. The V team is committed to accelerating Victory Over Cancer®. To learn more, visit



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