With Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer, nonprofits are swinging into gear by focusing on the upcoming Giving Season.   Believe it or not, Giving Tuesday is just 90 days away.

Over 69% of donations are coming from two generations — Baby Boomers and Matures with Boomers leading the way by contributing 43% of all contributions.  Gen X and Millennials are still growing in careers and income so while not necessarily a giving force right now, they care passionately for causes that matter to them.  Nonprofits know this age group will be the next generation of leading donors so it’s important to cultivate those relationships. 

 The challenge remains on how to tap into each generation since the various age groups have different preferences in where and how to they like to receive information.   Boomers and Matures still like direct mail while younger generations prefer gathering information from their smartphones.   

One way to level the playing field is online.  Many digital/social media tactics allow for targeting audiences by age, gender, region, income, education, lifestyle (married, single, parents) and even if they are likely to donate.  Precision targeting like this allows nonprofits to find potential new donors and even develop messages tailored to what motivates that demographic. 

As the Giving Season begins, here’s hoping the stock market and economy remain strong and it’s a good year for all. 

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