From The Big Apple to The Capitol

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to join our Vice President Annette Minkalis on a business trip down in the D.C area. Aside from meeting with a majority of our fabulous clients, I also had the pleasure of having lunch with a PSA gatekeeper from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). The takeaways from the lunch were far too incredible to keep to myself and I knew I needed to share the insider tips with our social community.


Here are a few interesting things I learned about public service announcements (PSAs) and the future of PSAs:

  • The misconception that PSAs are dying isn’t true. PSAs in fact are very much alive and according to the amount of current PSAs that are being tracked through Nielsen, statistics show that PSAs are increasing. In addition the PSA gatekeeper for the NAB informed us that she was indeed seeing an increase in the amount of PSAs she receives each week!
  • The majority of PSAs the NAB receives are about the military and are health related. I learned the need for more PSAs on the STIGMA behind mental health and bullying are needed, in addition to the increasing need for Spanish-language PSAs. With the number of Spanish TV and radio stations increasing each year, the need for Spanish- language PSAs are even greater.
  • The rule, one size fits all DOES NOT apply when sending PSAs to stations. In today’s world, one may assume all stations are going digital; however the process of transitioning from standard definition to high definition doesn’t happen overnight. As many stations are moving forward towards the process, station tape formats vary across the board and therefore it’s important to know who you are targeting when it comes to delivering a PSA.

My overall experience in D.C was wonderful and it was a great treat to meet with all of our clients. However, it is so good to be back in the big city!

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