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As a Millennial, I have heard my fair share of opinions about my generation. Some feel we are self-absorbed and let’s face it; all of those selfie pictures aren’t helping to shift these beliefs. However, research proves there may be more to us than you think. The Millennial Impact Report from 2014 showed 84% of millennial employees made a charitable donation. Let that sink in, 84% of employed millennials donated.

Even though we are young, our estimated annual spending power is $200 billion. Keep this in mind; if we care about your cause, we are willing to share. Every organization is concerned with driving more likes, more shares, more clicks and more donations. The strategy to reach all those goals depends upon your cause and campaign.

In Connect360’s latest feature article, we share key strategies in reaching this influential demographic. Check it out here. I hope you find it helpful and welcome your thoughts and feedback. If you are interested in learning more on how to market your campaign message to the Millennial generation, please contact Chelsea Olsen, [email protected] or O: 212-624-9185,
C: 516- 655-0070

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