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Last week Connect360 conducted another “Couch Conversation,” a virtual roundtable for nonprofits.  The session featured out of home (OOH) expert, Marc Malovany from Mobly Media. Marc brought his 25+ years of experience to the table – sharing valuable insights.


  • Opportunities to place PSA messages on out of home are endless today….in addition to traditional billboards, bus shelters, transit, malls and airports, you can now find OOH opportunities inside gyms, supermarkets, doctor’s offices as well as on gas pumps, hand sanitizer pumps and so much more.


  • OOH companies do provide pro bono space, although the nonprofit is responsible for printing and posting costs. Acceptance is at the whim of the OOH company.   Placements may not always be in premium areas and you can’t control when or if it will be used.


  • An alternative to pro bono is “low bono” placements where the nonprofit pays a fraction of the price of regular advertisers but receive the benefits of an advertiser (like posting pictures). The benefit of low bono means the nonprofit has more control over the placement location to assure their message is seen in high traffic areas.


  • OOH can be either full national campaigns or hyper-localized targeting to reach audiences where they frequent.  It can get as granular as placements in specific neighborhoods.


  • Spanish-language campaigns can be successful. To reach this audience, placements can be in Spanish neighborhoods and/or on buses, trains and other OOH formats that frequent Spanish communities.


  • QR codes and other similar kinds of call to actions are great to incentivize engagement.


  • Copy should be kept to 7-8 words so the message can be understood while on-the-go. Let the visual tell the story.


Our next Couch Conversation is scheduled for October 27th.   Nonprofits will come together to discuss how they are planning for 2022 and a (hopefully) post pandemic world.  Register here:

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