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The 2015 Major League Baseball season begins on Sunday April 5th.  For team members at Connect360, the start of baseball season brings many happy thoughts to mind:  the warm summer days ahead, rooting for our favorite team, and our highly competitive office home run pool.  It also makes us think about one of our many successful campaigns.

In the fall of 2014, we began distribution of the “Your Prostate Your Decision” PSA campaign.  The PSA features 4-time World Champion and Baseball Hall of Famer, Joe Torre, who is himself a prostate cancer survivor.  In the US, 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Mr. Torre speaks firsthand about how a single decision could change the life of a man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

This national PSA campaign educates viewers and listeners about making informed decisions with respect to their treatment options, so that men with low-risk forms of the disease can avoid potentially unnecessary treatment, while those with more aggressive forms of the disease can receive the life-saving treatment they require.

The campaign was created in partnership of three national 501(c)(3) prostate cancer organizations: Zero The End of Prostate Cancer, Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) and Men’s Health Network (MHN), with support from our client, Genomic Health.


Connect360 was retained to distribute the PSA campaign to radio and television stations, as well as via the Internet.  Through Connect360’s efforts, below are some of the phenomenal results that we were able to achieve for this client:

Television and Radio Distribution

Television and radio distribution of the campaign began in September 2014 and remains an ongoing effort

  • As of the end of February 2015, the PSA received nearly 26,000 airings on television and radio
  • It has received approximately 333 Million impressions
  • The PSA has aired on 280 stations across television and radio, with many airings in the top 100 markets
  • The total media value of the PSA airings received across television and radio now exceeds $5 Million dollars

Internet Campaign Distribution

The Internet campaign ran from September 24th through December 8th of 2014

  • Precise Audience Targeting (Search Intent, Behavioral and Site Retargeting) was employed to obtain over 2.2 Million impressions for the campaign
  • Throughout the campaign, results were closely monitored and optimized to ensure that the correct demographics were properly targeted and reached
  • Through a Blogger Engagement Campaign, 19 social media placements were secured, which more than doubled the number of views the PSA received on YouTube
  • This campaign was optimized for clicks to the campaign landing page, and received a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.14%, trending higher than the industry standard (ranging between 0.06% and 0.12%)

“Your Prostate Your Decision” serves as just one of many examples of how Connect360’s integrated approach has resulted in broad distribution and high media value for a client’s PSA campaign.

Connect360 offers several other PSA distribution options, such as  Internet radio and out-of-home, in addition to television, radio and Internet distribution.

When it’s the season to begin thinking about distribution options for your organization’s PSA campaign, please contact us to learn more.


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Connect360 is a leading media placement agency driving measurable results for some of Charity Navigator’s highest-ranked nonprofits, well-known associations, government agencies and public relations/marketing firms.

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