PRSA International Conference Meets the City of Brotherly Love

This year PRSA took their International Conference to my hometown, the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. I was beyond excited to learn that I would be going this year. It was not only exciting to be there representing Connect360 for our first conference (of many) which we will be attending, but I was equally as excited for my hop, skip and jump (er, I mean subway ride) to the Marriott in Center City! What a beautiful venue to host such an event. I have always loved this building situated right down the street from city hall. Once inside, I got the opportunity to catch up with many familiar faces and met some new ones along the way.

My Monday was packed with several learning sessions, but the one session I found to be the most interesting was “Developing and Measuring Social Media for Nonprofits.” This was one I knew I had to attend. In the jam-packed conference hall, Katie Payne of Payne Publishing and Richard Waters, associate editor of Case Studies in Strategic Communication, were there to cover development and measurement in social media for nonprofits and they examined the nonprofit social media landscape as a whole. I am pleased to say that C360 is right on par with best practices and the information being presented had me smiling and nodding my head “yes” on more than one occasion! There is always something new to learn and we are constantly adapting, but having a good sense of the dos and don’ts for nonprofits is something that will never get old. A few takeaways:

• For a nonprofit organization’s Facebook Page, “plain” and informative messages typically receive the most shares. Lesson: Don’t overdo it if you are looking for people to digest and share your information. Keep your information on social media static and fact-based and you are in good shape!

• The public responds more favorably to Call-to-Action and Community Building messages throughout social media.

• 72% is the percentage of people who receive their news through word of mouth tactics.

• Transparency, transparency, transparency! It will never go out of style.

• When it comes time for planning that next campaign, move resources from what isn’t working to what is.

• On Twitter, the more a nonprofit organization discloses within their profile, the greater the number of re-tweets that org is likely to receive.

Thank you for a great year, PRSA. See you in D.C.!

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