Remember What You Learned in Kindergarten

A while ago I was quoted in a book with this whimsical observation: “Everything you need to know in life you learned in kindergarten: be nice to others, say please and thank you, and raise your hand to go to the bathroom!” OK, maybe we don’t need the last one so much.

A great article on today’s KTRH-Houston website talks about how to make a great impression with specific words and actions, especially when interviewing for a job or after you’ve gotten one, and somehow many people seem to need this reminder about these things to remember: Please. Thank You. You’re Welcome. Sending a Thank You note. You know, the things that used to be considered common manners that your parents taught you…and what you learned when you were five.

If this is real-life, in-person advice, it got me thinking: have common manners become forgotten in life because of websites and social media…and ON websites and social media? All too often, you can do a day of work without ever picking up a phone or seeing someone in person…their only impression of you is what you write and how you do it. The fact is, our social media contacts, from friends and family to mom bloggers to huge websites, are the 21st Century’s version of your rolodex (for the younger generation, that was a big and bulky circle thing that used to hold the names and phone numbers of your contacts, much like your tiny cell phone does today). These are the people you want to keep in contact with and treat well to maintain a good relationship, and all too often they can be taken for granted.

At Connect360, we send out thank-you notes to PSA Directors at the end of a client campaign, to acknowledge their contribution and efforts to help their local communities, often resulting in a nice thank-you back for thinking of them. Those are good feelings that can’t be duplicated in any other way, and it was just two words: thank you.

Here’s the original article:

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