A Big Change to Facebook’s News Feed

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Late last week Facebook announced major changes to how content will be prioritized on its news feed that will no doubt have an impact on communications professionals that are planning to run Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook’s News Feed, which appears when the site or mobile app is opened, will now favor posts shared by family…

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A Must-Know Digital Marketing Trend

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The digital landscape is constantly evolving and the platforms and tactics used to reach targeted audiences a couple of years ago have changed dramatically. It’s important that your campaign changes with them. Consumers are engaging brands and their content on channels that didn’t even exist a year or two ago. But one area that has…

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Embracing New Options for Public Service Announcements

Public service campaigns now have more channels for being seen and heard.  Are you embracing it all? Traditional PSAs (television and radio stations) still deliver a big bang for the buck.   In addition to driving huge impressions, they provide sustained exposure – staying on air 3 to 6 months, up to a year and beyond,…

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