With Labor Day approaching, marking the unofficial end of summer, nonprofits are swinging into gear with eyes focused on the Giving Season.   Believe it or not, Giving Tuesday is just 90 days away!

When planning your marketing efforts for this year, keep in the mind there isn’t one-size-fits all fundraising.

While the Delta variant threatens a continued increase of COVID cases along with the many issues plaguing our country, people still plan to donate.  They want to see change and make an impact on issues they care about.  As you plan your Giving Season marketing campaign, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • A recent study by Fidelity Charitable found that 43% of donors plan to support their usual charities
  • While Baby Boomers lead the donation pack, Gen X and Millennials are building their nest eggs and are passionate about the causes they have a personal connection with. Gen Zers or “Philanthroteens,” your next generation of donors, want to make a difference.  Even though they aren’t donating money like Boomers, they are looking for volunteer opportunities and are influenced by social media and video assets
  • Given the many donor generation gaps, customizing your campaign messages and tactical execution is fundamental to campaign success
  • Mobile marketing and YouTube video ads are effective ways to engage with younger demographics, but it isn’t likely to be the best approach to reach Boomers
  • Reaching Boomers through online search/behavioral/site re-targeting campaigns and social media, especially Facebook, can lift engagement and reach your KPIs

For recommendations on how we can help you engage with your demographic profiles for the Giving Season, contact us.


Hot Topic:  According to the 2020 Global in Giving Report, 63% of donors prefer to give online and 40% have donated through Facebook with 88% saying they would likely give again this popular social media platform.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. “ – Booker T. Washington

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