There’s a New Kid in Town

Last week Connect360’s PSA digital platform, PSA Connect, went live. Whoo-hoo. Now stations have a new online resource center for PSAs.

What’s the big deal? As part of our routine practice to conduct media relations calls or visits with PSA directors around the country, we were hearing how important it was to station personnel to have online resource centers, or online libraries, where PSA Directors could go to see what PSAs were available, read the campaign materials, and if interested, download the spot. Both the Ad Council and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have resource centers — also called a digital platform — and stations said they really filled an important need.

For example, PSA directors wanting to refresh the station’s rotation, found the resource centers gave them a full assortment of campaigns, beyond the spots sitting on their desk. Even more important, PSA Directors looking for timely PSAs now have a “library” where they can more easily search for topical spots when they are most needed. They can look for heart-health PSAs to air in February, American Heart Month. Or, PSAs based on topics impacting the community, like flu related PSAs when local news reports a spike in flu cases in the area.

Our own PSA Connect, is accessible to broadcast personnel via our website. Stations can sort for spots by medium (TV or radio) and Spanish-language stations can sort by campaigns that come with Spanish versions. PSA Connect will be supported by ongoing promotion so stations know they have a new resource library. So move over Ad Council and NAB, there’s a new kid in town!

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