Three Ways Whiteboard Video Could Work for Your Organization

Video is a great way to connect with your audience.

There is no question that video is a highly entertaining format.  It is an excellent way to increase engagement on social media, and the ability to consume video content on mobile devices is improving, as well.

Whiteboard videos are a unique format of video.  Also known as “explainer videos”, this format works well on the internet, because these videos are both informative and fun.

Whiteboard videos employ drawn imagery in conjunction with an explanatory voice over.  This has the effect of making the format highly adaptable to telling different types of stories.  The process is also faster than traditional video production and other animation techniques.  It costs less, too.

Even Google recently released a whiteboard video to introduce their new logo.

Here is why creating a Whiteboard video could be a great way to share your organization’s message:

1.  Whiteboard Videos Are Highly Informative

Whiteboard videos are great for focused messaging.  They tell the story that you want told with precise imagery to illustrate the story.

Whiteboard videos are entertaining and are able to capture viewers’ attention, because the image is constantly changing.  The voice over used in conjunction with the image can be informative and educational.

2.  Whiteboard Videos Are Less Expensive to Produce than Other Video Formats

Whiteboard videos do not require the production costs associated with the use of actors, expensive sets, and equipment.

This makes whiteboard video an economical option for organizations that want to produce a public service announcement or other video content, but do not have the financial resources necessary to produce a live-action video or video in other more expensive formats.

3.  Whiteboard Videos Are Easy to Distribute

Whiteboard videos are easily distributed because they can be placed anywhere.  They can easily be posted to an organization’s website or social media channels.  In fact, they are commonly used on the internet, on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.  But they can be aired on television, as well.

Click here to see a great example of a whiteboard video PSA.


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