What You Can Learn From Jackson Browne

You may remember the singer, Jackson Browne; he sang top hits like Running On Empty and Doctor My Eyes.  Beyond his music, he has been a huge advocate for many causes some of which include the environment, human rights and arts education.

While Jackson Browne is now part of the Boomer generation, he is an example of someone who over time grew in his efforts to support nonprofits.  Some may consider him the perfect “Millennial Model.”

How you ask? Well, Millennials may not donate as much financially right now as boomers but they are donating time to organizations.  We all know that developing relationships with Millennials is important.

As we see with Browne, he had a desire for a better world and used his talents to raise awareness and funds for causes important to him. He played at benefit events and even organized concerts to found an anti-nuclear organization, Musicians United for Safe Energy.

So how can you connect to a Millennial and help ignite their desires to change the world?

I will spare you the comments on social media and throw a new thought out there. Connect through mass awareness – you need to be in places where this group is not being bombarded by messages such as TV, out-of-home networks and even on traditional radio. Speaking from a personal millennial mom perspective, there is only so much Kidz Bop on Spotify that I can listen to.  Sometimes, I feel like fully adulating with some good old fashion radio and Jackson Browne songs of course.

I would love to see a nonprofit try a new call to action for Millennials, where you ask us to volunteer.  I can almost guarantee you would not only cultivate new relationships but you would benefit from our time.

We have many skills and talents – and are willing to help.  Connecting with us is the best way to grab our attention.  Help us grow as advocates.  Let us sing, post, generate ideas, host events and be advocates on your behalf.

Who knows, one day, we may not be “Running on Empty” and become one of your biggest donors.


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