What’s New in 2016

It is the time when we all take a closer look at ourselves and think about the things that we might change in the coming year.  We draw “resolutions” or new goals for ourselves.

It isn’t just individuals who do this.  Companies do it, too.

Good companies are in the business of adapting their services to meet the changing demands of consumers, and Connect360 is no exception.

Based on our communications with PSA Directors and our extensive knowledge of how consumers are now consuming more of their content on mobile devices and via social media platforms, we have been hard at work to modify our services to better suit their demands.

Our research has shown that PSA Directors are no longer exclusively using hard copy tapes to receive PSAs.  Many are looking for a digital means of downloading PSA information and video/audio content.  That is why we are now incorporating EPKs, POP™ cards and Pandora broadcast into our PSA campaigns.

Here is some more information about a few of our new offerings:

  • Electronic Press Kit — An EPK is a pre-packaged campaign media kit that brings your campaign to life in a digital, shareable format that can be used by your organization as a marketing tool through social media, email and website placement.
  • PSA Overview Package — A POP™  provides visuals and information showcasing your campaign for stations and offering instructions on how to access the PSAs via the various delivery platforms, as well as the EPK.  It is accompanied by a Data DVD or DVD for TV and a CD for radio enabling stations to review and quickly place the PSAs into rotation.
  • PSA Connect — PSA Connect is Connect360’s digital platform for PSA download.  This service includes a custom page with nonprofit logo, campaign background information, and broadcast quality links.
  • Pandora Video Placement — Your video will stream across Pandora web, mobile and tablet platforms, alongside a custom-designed campaign-awareness banner linking to your campaign website.

Connect360 helps nonprofit organizations spread their important messages via public service announcements, the web and mobile applications.  To learn more about Connect360’s services, please contact us.

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Happy New Year from Connect360 Multimedia!



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