Broadcast Media Tours

Interviews on Television Newscasts and Radio Programs Lend Brand Credibility

Broadcast Media Tours

Media Interviews Offer Extended Air Time To Tell Your Story

Connect360 books five to 10-minute
back-to-back media interviews with your spokesperson delivering campaign messages to viewers/listeners across the country at a studio location or virtually through satellite.


Our Team Handles Every Detail

Broadcast Media Tours Pitching


Broadcast Media Tours Pitching


Broadcast Media Tours Pitching



Experience Connection Through All Types of Media

TV, radio and online opportunities provide an effective platform for speaking directly to audiences about your important initiative. Whether it’s healthcare, conservation, youth-related or other topics, Connect360's team has done it all.

Broadcast Media Tours on the Radio


Our Suite of Services

  • Satellite Media Tours
  • Radio Media Tours
  • Bilingual Media Tours

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