c360 Exclusive

The Essential Guide to Broadcast PSA Success

Television stations are airing more PSAs than ever before. Last year, Nielsen Media reported that PSA airings were up 56% compared to just five years ago. This burst in demand means that nonprofits and associations have a tremendous opportunity to make sure their message is heard. Yet, many nonprofits are missing out on this chance to connect with large audiences and share essential information. Some are operating under false assumptions about how PSAs work. Others simply aren’t sure how to get started.

By reading this guide, you’re taking the first step toward seizing a valuable opportunity. Based on Nielsen data and decades of industry experience, we’ll give you the inside look at why broadcast PSAs are essential for organizations that want to spread a public interest message and make lasting change in the process.

We will explore:

  • Why PSAs are essential in the modern world of streaming and OTT media.
  • Myths that might be standing in the way of your PSA success.
  • Distribution, tracking, results reporting, and why those metrics matter.
  • What to do (and avoid!) to maximize the impact of your PSA.
  • How to handle the trickier aspects of PSA creation and distribution.
  • How to combine broadcast PSAs with CTV, digital, print, and out-of-home tactics.

The wide reach of broadcast television, combined with free, donated advertising space from stations and networks, makes PSAs a uniquely valuable tactic for nonprofit organizations, associations, and agencies that want to raise awareness of their missions and deliver their message to large audiences. It’s time for more organizations to take advantage of this opportunity.