Infographics are an engaging way to present your campaign message to your target audience quickly and clearly. A well designed infographic helps you tell your organization’s story visually, while illustrating your support data, such as survey results, statistics, news and events, ensuring your information is not only easy to understand, but also fun to read and share. Given 90% of all information we remember is based on visual impact, utilizing an infographic as a part of your marketing campaign can be very beneficial in delivering a strong ROI. The essence of a successful infographic design is to identify your key messages and create graphic representations of every main message point with interactive elements, allowing a viewer at any point to click or hover over each

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section of the infographic to view additional information and easily navigate to your organization’s website. Once designed, tailored distribution opportunities on many social media platforms and hundreds of local TV, radio and newspaper websites can help your campaign reach millions of relevant viewers. Lets connect about infographics and how they can benefit your campaign. Infographic Promo Card Cover- FINAL

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