The Way of the COVID World: Nonprofits Need a Plan A, B and C

In Connect360’s most recent Zoom “Couch Conversation,” nonprofits sat on our virtual sofa and shared their findings, experiences and solutions managing around current times. 

Highlights include:

  • There’s a growing sense of “virtual” fatigue among donors.   Early in the pandemic, virtual events worked well.  They were a novelty and gave those at home something to do.   But as people are able to get out a bit more, there appears to be a growing sense of boredom with virtual events.  So what’s the next way to engage with donors when it can’t be in person?  One organization leveraged partnerships with corporations and/or other nonprofits to collaborated  on mutually beneficial campaigns.
  • With the pandemic, donor attitudes have shifted from national to helping those in their own communities.  A sense of “give here, stay here.”   Try to provide local relevance such as a local fundraiser with a personal story of someone in the community.
  • As nonprofits see their donors suffering from COVID fatigue and “just wanting normalcy,” they are also seeing a fatigue across staff.  Remote working distances everyone.   Make sure to do regular check ins and schedule team video meetings.
  • Without in-person events, getting important printed materials into the hands of those in the community is a challenge.   Apart from emails and newsletters, some put materials online and on reading platforms such as Kindle.
  • When asked how nonprofits are planning for 2021, they all said it’s having Plan A, B and C. Plan A is in a post-vaccine world where things are normalizing, Plan B is still battling COVID and Plan C is some combination of A and B.   Nonprofits have to be able to pivot among the three plans.

We hope you’ll join us for our next Zoom “Couch Convo”:

Date:     Thursday, September 10th
Topic:   The Giving Season – expanding donor pool, generating awareness, engaging with current donors

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