Educational, informative, engrossing or simply fun, podcasts can keep you company during your workout, your travels and many solitary tasks in between.

Technically speaking, a podcast is a digital audio file, suitable for consumption on a computer or mobile device.  Oftentimes, they may be part of a series, and subscribers to that series automatically receive new installments.  There are many to choose from, on just about any topic you can think up.

Last year, the popularity of podcasting had a major boost, with the release of the first season of Serial.  A podcast from the creators of This American Life, Serial tells one true story per season, releasing one new episode per week during the season.  The second season tells the story of Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who had been a prisoner of the Taliban for five years before his return home, and the first two episodes are available now.

Podcasts are similar to traditional radio, but offer the on-demand access that we have come to expect in other forms of entertainment media, such as television, music and film.  This will ultimately create similar advertising opportunities as those in OTT programming and internet radio.

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Which podcasts are you tuning into this holiday season?


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