According to eMarketer, 2017 will provide a major milestone for digital advertising; for the first time, digital advertising will surpass that of TV!  There was a time not too long ago when digital advertising was all about banner ads, text ads and promotional emails. Not any more.

Today’s digital age focuses on content marketing, relationship building and data analytics. But there’s one area that’s dominating and that’s digital video advertising. Driven by increasing consumption, Forbes predicts online video ad spending is expected to grow 31% this year. That’s a huge leap.

Connect360 has seen tremendous success integrating video pre-roll into our clients’ campaigns, generating measurable results and consumer engagement with a specific call-to-action. Our latest infographic; Digital Marketing Hotspots, takes you through the evolution of video marketing and provides a lot of support data for video’s inclusion in all marketing campaign strategies. Check it out here:

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