On November 9th Connect 360 hosted a one-hour informal round table with digital marketing experts and nonprofit participants.  The goal was to help nonprofit members learn about digital marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing gurus Leslie Bargmann (Director Client Services, Jun Group) and Chris Cavello (SVP Digital Services, Connect360), gave everyone solid tips and insights.   They discussed how important it is for nonprofits to advertise online in order to get people to come to their sites.

There was robust participation by the nonprofit audience as some shared their digital experiences in terms of what has worked and where they needed help.     A common question —  once you build your website and social media pages, how do you attract the right people to your sites?

Our experts suggested digital advertising as the best way to attract audiences.   A targeted digital campaign will generate awareness of your cause or mission to the right people, so when they come to your site, they can be converted into followers, donors, or volunteers.

In developing an effective digital advertising campaign, nonprofits should do three things (1 define their campaign objective (2) define the target audience, and (3) make sure the creative content speaks to the audience you are trying to reach.    For example, short online videos are the best way to engage.  Videos should only be 15-30 seconds long and purposefully placed online to reach your target audience.  You don’t need a professional video for the message to resonate either. Personal videos that tell a story resonate best.

The final key is to decide how, and where you will place your message.   Though platforms like Hulu, Pandora, Spotify and others in most instances do not donate space for nonprofits, they are amenable to providing lower nonprofit rates.

A few great stats about video:
• Video will account for 74% of all online traffic in 2017
• Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%
• Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.8x more likely to purchase
• The 6 second rule – people must get what they want in 6 seconds or they leave the page