Many nonprofits release campaigns during September, October and November to target key awareness months or be visible for the Giving Season.

Looking ahead to this critical period, one major event we’re closely monitoring is PSA impact for the upcoming mid-term fall elections.  It’s going to be a very active time with voters filling 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 100 U.S. Senate seats, 36 states voting for governors, and thousands of state-level senators and representatives.

Candidates will be buying ads to get their message across, and coupled with early holiday commercials, we see it to be a busy time with high spot sales.   Since PSAs fill unsold ad space, inventory can tighten and it may take more time for PSAs to get through clearance.

We’re advocating that nonprofits plan for this and try to get their broadcast PSA campaigns out ideally August or early September, but no later than mid-to-late September.  This will allow PSAs to get into rotation before the election activity. If your production just won’t be ready for an early release, PSAs can still be distributed during the election period though it may just take a little longer to see activity.   But eventually PSA Directors will catch up.

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