Interesting info from Inside Radio’s daily audio industry newsletter….

When consumers access music on their smart speakers, AM/FM is their first choice, followed by Amazon Music.. According to the Westwood One 2019 Audioscape report that utilizes data from Edison Research and Advertiser Perceptions, the number of Americans that own a smart speaker increased threefold from Q2 2017 to Q2 2019.

In second quarter 2019, Westwood One reports that AM/FM radio commandeered 18% of the share of listening on smart speakers; and Amazon Music held a 17% share, according to Edison Research. “This is a result of AM/FM radio stations developing voice-activated applications to enable listening on smart speakers and their aggressive promotion of Alexa and Google Home listening,” the report offers. Following AM/FM and Amazon Music are Pandora (13%), other streaming audio (12%), owned music (12%), Spotify (9%), SiriusXM (9%), audiobooks (5%) and podcasts (3%).

Meanwhile, the number of those with at least one smart speaker in the home continues to spike, Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” notes. In Q2 2019, 30% of Americans reported owning a smart speaker, compared to 10% in Q2 2017. In just the last quarter, the percentage has grown 3%.