World Hunger & Poverty


A nonprofit community development organization dedicated to helping end hunger and poverty while working to protect the environment and care for the Earth, launched an integrated public service announcement campaign to encourage viewers to honor their friends and loved ones through unique, unforgettable and life-changing gifts that help build a better world. The campaign offered :30 and :60 PSAs featuring a range of celebrities, including Jane Fonda, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and Allison Janney.

Campaign Tactics

Connect360 Multimedia organized multiple tactics to create wide-ranging awareness for the campaign. Digital PSA distribution to 5,550 TV destinations, hardcopy distribution to 50 broadcast TV stations and national print PSA distribution were combined with an extensive Internet PSA campaign that focused on targeted website outreach. Connect360 promoted custom designed campaign awareness banners that linked directly to a Connect360 developed campaign landing page. Specific targeted websites that had an audience profile in line with the messaging of the campaign were actively pitched for campaign support through banner placements and/or editorial features. A combination of :60 and :30 PSAs were included in the digital distribution and hardcopy TV PSA distributions. The Print PSA campaign featured a MAT release, magazine E-distribution and online promotion.


The digital and hardcopy PSA distributions resulted in 4,157 airings, 204 million audience impressions and $1,779,359 in media values. The TVA PSA received 45% of its airings from national networks and stations in the top 25 media markets with over 60% of airings taking place during key viewing timeframes, such as, early morning, daytime, early fringe and primetime. The print PSA garnered 423 total placements, 46,973,639 total audience and $498,250 in media values. Connect360 secured airings on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW affiliates and featured airings on national networks, including Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Lifetime Movie Network and Travel Channel. The Internet distribution campaign reached a combined 34 million online viewers and the video PSA was selected and viewed over 8,100 times. Featured online placements included Huffington, Fox,, and