Trade Association


A noteworthy trade organization launched a robust public service announcement campaign to create awareness for their Consumer Protection Program. The campaign aimed to inform consumers about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, how to secure your medications and properly dispose of unneeded medications, specifically during DEA National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day in April. With more than 50% of prescription drug abusers 12 and older obtaining prescription drugs from family and friend’s medicine cabinets, the campaign stressed effective ways to protect loved ones from misuse. Audiences were encouraged to visit the campaign website to learn more about the campaign, access special PSAs related to the initiative and to share information on their Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Campaign Tactics

Connect360 Multimedia used a multi-faceted approach to create wide-ranging awareness for the campaign. The English-language radio PSA was sent to 250 stations via hardcopy and 5,000 radio stations via electronic distribution. The broadcast radio distribution was paired with extensive Internet PSA marketing tactics including blogger relations, a Twitter Party and demographic audience targeting on both Pandora Internet Radio and Yahoo! websites. Both Pandora and Yahoo! PSA campaign placements featured Connect360 custom designed campaign awareness banners coupled with audio PSA streaming. The campaign banners linked to a dedicated landing page established by Connect360, which housed campaign logos, images, streaming PSAs, descriptive text and live links. As part of the social media engagement campaign, bloggers were offered the opportunity to interview a prominent doctor. Bloggers were encouraged to submit 5-7 relevant questions pertaining to the campaign via email. Connect360 handled all email Q&A coordination between the bloggers and the doctor.


The radio PSA distribution garnered over 71,000 airings, 148 million impressions and $3.2 million in media values. The campaign received strong support and airplay throughout the top 25 media markets including airings on top rated NY station WOR-AM. The Internet PSA campaign reached more than 26 million online viewers, with over 20,000 clicks to the campaign landing page. The Twitter Party included over 100 contributors with more than 1,600 total tweets for the one hour virtual event. The social media engagement campaign secured 201 blog, Twitter and Facebook placements. Featured online placements included both Pandora website and mobile platforms, Yahoo!, Yahoo!, Yahoo!,, The Boomer and Senior Care